Managing risks and opportunities in a world living with Covid-19

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This learning is designed to help you managing the risks and opportunities in a world living wth Covid-19. It takes a risk based approach to the your safety of your staff and the sustainability of your business and is designed to help them work safely and help your business manage the risks and take advantage of some of the opportunities in  a world living with Covid-19.

In the same way that doctors describe their cancer patients as “living with cancer” and do not speak of cures, so the world is now living with Covid-19.

This programme is designed to help your business and staff live with Covid-19 by identifying and mitigating risks and taking advantage of opportunities.

The course covers:

  • The foundations of safety and resilience
  • The legal framework
  • A risk-based approach
  • Risks to people entering business premises
  • Risks to staff working at home
  • Communication and consultation
  • Threats to the successful operation of the business in a world living with Covid