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AGLC have worked with a large range of businesses, governments and charitable organisations since its creation. Whether you’re a small start up
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change management, data
protection and teaching


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IT professional


Case Study
Management Systems

David Ashworth
Director of Flintloque Management Systems

Dr David Ashworth

What made you choose to work with Alan?

We both seemed to get on very well from the off. Alan has spent decades studying the management of information and we shared the enjoyment inherent in delving deeply into a subject. Our attitude to teaching/ training people also seemed similar.

What problem did his expertise to enable you to solve?

The implementation of a management system that meets the statutory and regulatory framework around data and information security.

What did Alan bring to the process that was unique?

A depth of understanding that allows for the integration of the specific requirements contained within different International Management System Standards. A superficial understanding is not sufficient if you want to implement an effective integrated management system.

What are the things Alan did/does best?

Alan focuses on ensuring that the people involved in the process are engaged and understand what is required and why. He is also patient and understanding.

How is your organisation better off since he worked with you?

Alan brings expertise of management system topics that are outside Flintloque’s capability, allowing us to advertise services that would be outside our offering, otherwise.


Our other clients say

Alan is someone who has the ability to apply his brilliant mind to almost anything. We needed Alan's expertise to solve a variety of problems which were interrelated. He was able to think about all of the different interdependencies and shape solutions suitable for all. Alan has a reputation in our team as being a bit of a superhero in terms of his ability to see things differently and use that as an advantage. Put simply, everyone needs an Alan Gillies in their lives!

Erica Sheward

Director Global Food Safety Initiative at the Global Consumer Forum

I have worked with Alan many times over the past 15 years, specifically in the areas of eLearning and GDPR where he is a leading authority. He helped us to develop an online management development programme, many years before online learning was mainstream, and in 2018, Alan helped us translate the intricacies of GDPR legislation to develop and implement a GDPR strategy that was appropriate for our business. We work with some high-profile organisations and they have told us how assured they are by our robust approach to GDPR. He has always been available to answer questions, suggest improvements and he takes the time to understand how our business works so he can offer the most appropriate advice and support.

Richard Oliver

Director of Client Delivery at Bespoke Training and Development Limited

Alan cares – a lot, and it only gets better from there! As a director of a small social enterprise, I have tight cost margins and tight timelines and a very broad skill set; it means I can be agile but sometimes I lack the depth I need for more tricky issues.. Alan’s treasure trove of experience and expertise means that I can plug knowledge gaps and solve problems that are important for my business. I think of it as calling in the cavalry – and he never disappoints. The combination of exceptional expertise and totally meeting you where you are for what you need? …..#priceless.

Katie Barnes

Director, Kids Health Matters CIC



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