We provide a range of products which share common characteristics:

  • They are all designed to help individuals and organisations improve
  • They are all available online via the widest possible range of desktop and mobile devices
  • They are built on models of learning and organisational development refined over 20 years since the first online Masters, organisational capability models and training needs models were developed.

We have a number of distinct product types:

Online toolkits

Combine online learning with audit tools to measure organisational capability to improve organisational performance and/or regulatory compliance. Find out more about:

Online Professional Development

An organisation wide programme for the professional development of your new and aspiring managers. It combines needs analysis tools with online learning in core competencies and lifelong learning and a learning diary to record progress, activity and reflections. It comes with an optional accredited qualification route.

Accredited online learning

Combines online learning with the opportunity to gain an accredited qualification online

Applied Online Professional Learning

Addresses key professional learning issues through applied online learning, supported by a range of tools and templates to help you apply your learning

Skill development animations for students

These products are libraries of short animations aimed at students to give them the life and work skills they need in a format they will adopt

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