AGLC was created as a consultancy in 2010, and continues to provide services to our clients.


Organisational capability measurement and improvement

We have been working to improve organisational capability in both business performance and regulatory compliance for 20 years. We have helped governments, businesses and public organisations


Training needs analysis

We have been working to improve organisations and individuals to improve staff proficiency for 20 years. We link training to actual needs and staff competency to organisational capability

Face-to-face training

Our principal consultant is still a teacher at heart. All of the expertise enshrined in our products is available through face-to-face training.

In 2018, we led the training workshops for the Office for Product Safety and Standards on their new code of practice across all 4 home countries of the UK

Information management services

Our principal consultant has been a Professor of Information Management for 25 years. It’s amazing how often organisations invest in IT, but then don’t get a proper return on that investment by understanding how they can use their information and what it can tell them

Bespoke information systems and tools

All of our products and services are focused on delivering value. To maximise that value, many advisory projects result in the development of bespoke
information systems and tools for clients to ensure that benefits gained are optimised and sustainable

Data Protection Services

During 2018, we advised and trained a wide range of organisations and businesses around the introduction of the GDPR.

As a result, we continue to offer advice and support, including through our local Chamber of Commerce, and this informs our updates to our online training

Here are some of the clients we have helped :